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Autumn Quakie
  • Autumn Quakie


    The "Autumn Quakie" necklace features a Quaking Aspen tree branch adorned with inset citrine and peridot stones to mimic the splendor of the fall leaves of this distinctive tree.  The necklace, which is approximately 3.5 inches in length, is hand carved and cast in sterling silver.  It comes complete with a sterling silver chain as shown. 


    The Autumn Quakie necklace can be cast in sterling silver as shown, or in 10k and 14k yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.  A variety of stones can be substituted if you wish.  Prices vary depending on precious metal prices at the time of casting and the price of any stone substitutions.


    Because each piece is hand crafted, delivery times vary. If this piece is not shown as in stock, please contact us for an estimated delivery date and to discuss sizing and any special needs.



    • Additional Information

      Quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides)  is a tall, fast growing tree, reaching 65–80 ft.  The tree is named for its leaves which are suspended on long stalks and readily quake or tremble in the slightest breeze. The bark is relatively smooth and white to gray in color.   They are marked by thick black horizontal scars and prominent black knots.

      A grove of quaking aspens in Utah is the largest known living thing on Earth. Nearly 50,000 stems protrude from a single root system. The entire organism covers over 100 acres and weighs 6,000 tons.

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