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Carved Elk Ivory Swan Pendents
  • Carved Elk Ivory Swan Pendents


    Each of these elegant Swans are carved by hand from elk ivory.  Every carving is different and may differ in color or shape from the pictures.  Sizes vary somewhat depending on the characteristics of the elk ivory but are approximately .75 inches in height.


    The pendants come with an 18 inch chain which is included in the price. If you wish, make this piece an even more treasured keepsake by providing your own elk ivory, please contact us to discuss this option.


    We usually have these in stock.  If you would like photos of our current stock we are glad to email those to you to select from.   If this piece is not shown as in stock, please contact us for an estimated delivery date and to discuss sizing and any special needs.


    This piece is out of stock.  Please call for availability and current pricing.

    • Additional Information

      Elk are the only North American land animal that possess true ivory. They have the rare distinction of having both antlers and ivory canine teeth. These ivory canine teeth are believed to have been tusks, possibly reaching 6-8 inches in length, many thousands of years ago.

      Elk ivories are very durable and provide a very special look as well as a lasting tribute to these magnificent animals.  


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